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You can take the lady out of the village ….

But you can’t take the village out of the lady.  The last 30 hours I got to travel with Amma-kuts (my 71 year old mother) and cunji-one (my six year old son).  What a treat as they interacted like friends, rivals and at all times equals.  When AK told Kasey to eat more, he retorted “my stomach is small grandma look – its not big like yours”.

We took the new SF – Bombay service from Jet Airways –  The service and food was excellent, so much so that AK started packing up food in miscellaneous wrappers to eat later.  We looked like a homeless family taking food off the trays and hiding them in AK’s bag.  Somethings never change !

When AK- scolded C1 for talking back to Dad, she would not talk to him, C1 couldn’t take it and begged her to forgive him, AK gave him the silent treatment and said it takes time.  C1 says “I’m not going to forgive you for not forgiving me “It takes time!”

We arrived in Bangalore new airport (very nice)  and went to Oberoi, We met Shanki-bye who played with Kase then I met Siddarth and Satchu came over. We will be off on sleeping hours for some time !

Love to all K


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