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Monsoon of Maya

What a day in Bangalore.  I had to see all my old and dear friends starting with arguably the most powerful man in Bangalore, Mr. Siddarth.  Since I have known him over the last 8 years I have watched how every aspect of his business and political life blew up into the stratosphere.  His latest coup is the coffe day franchise –which IS the starbucks of India.  Six years ago it was but a dream, and I gave him Howard Schutz’s book ‘pour your heart into it’ and told him to build the starbucks of India, He has and did – He has 800 stores and a valuation of close to a billion dollars,  not to mention he runs Bangalore politically, has 300 million in real estate and also has a successful venture capital business – WOW, oh yeah and Swami sees him by appointment.  He toured me on his new office building – amazing and right at the corner of Cubbon park.

Kasey met Gopal Baba today and it was magical.  I told Kasey the story of how in 2000 –when I met Gopal Baba I humbly requested a son, and he promised me a son.  He also told me that he would be a special soul who worshipped Shirdi Sai Baba over 100 years ago.  He told me at the time that I should take my son to the Shirdi temple (outside of Bombay) before his 7th birthday (Kasey is 6 1/2) to give thanks.

I told Swami we are making the trip later this week— he gave me specific instructions – go to the first Arathi of the day 5am. Say a prayer to Shirdi giving him thanks and to “wash” away my karma.  I asked Gopal Baba to come with us but he said he cannot.  He said he would make a call to get us special darshan inside the sanctum santorium.  WOW.

Then came the major drama of what is going on at the temple and with the trust. Plots and coups and drama and even a murder attempt.  I have been on the Sai Mandarim trust for eight years.  It seems over the last 3 years three other members were plotting to over throw Swami.  This has been tough on me since they were all VERY close to me and I have traveled with Swami with them on many occasions (venkat and prabhu).  I made it completely clear that I am serving on that trust at the pleasure of Swami and that what ever decision he made regarding operations or finances I am inexpicably behind.  Swami talked to me specifically about the Karma I was going through and that I would get everything back and more…..

Shankar came to see Kasey – Kasey loves him !  Amma-kuts  Shankar and Kasey played at the Oberoi while I went to Whitefield to see my property.  The development in Whitefield is astounding with some major new communities taking place – The villa I have for mom and dad is looking nice after the high end finishes i had done there.  When will they move there ????  The other land i bought is in a great location but is being held up by the Katha –  long story but the government hasn’t given the right to resell the plots yet weird.

We are still fighting jet lag – Kasey was pillow fighting with me all night so will be asleep by 4pm  and up at 2 am like clock work — hope you all get a good nite sleep

Your Kanna


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