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On the way to the promise land ….

Today we spent in Bangalore and Shankar took baby Kasey bowling !  Kasey and grandmother are honestly like two peas in a pond.  Kasey loves her so dearly but gets so annoyed and almost treats her like a rival – especially when it comes to sweets.  Today we had an all out war on whether Grandma ate 2 or 3 orange cream cookies.  And when Grammy tells Kasey the same story more than once –  he blows a top.  Too funny…

I spent 3 hours with C. Sreenivas today.  He is on Swami’s trust and so dear to Swami it is amazing.  He told me about the big projects going on and also gave me a glimpse of the issues that Swami has with maintaining the quality and funding comittment for his projects.  Hope fully we can work out a role for Kanna bond.

We went to dinner with at Shankars house and Kasey got to meet all his cousins –  Aditya and Aparna. Shankars kids (14 and 16).  Both are really tall and athletic – such sweet kids !  We also saw Lalli and her youngest son Karthic 18 years – 2nd year at college.  Kasey was having an amazing time.

We will go to Parthi tonite for Darsan with Swami.


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