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An Auspicious Day …

8-8-08.  Eight is an auspicious number in Numerology.  To the chinese it is very auspicious that is why they started the Olympics today.  When it comes on a Friday it is even more so.  Being in Parthi is always amazing and introspective because of the energy from Baba,  seeing that energy through the eyes of an amazingly spiritual six year old, and a selfless and pure 71 year old (albeit dizzy – more on that later) is unbelievable !!

Baba is so busy with his amazing projects he has very little time for Darsan and interviews unless you are part of his great projects – doctors and the hospitals, educators and the schools, business men supporting his water projects and other endeavors, luckily through sreenivas we have a little access.  He gave us VIP chits.  I told him specifically that Amma -even though she gave his note last time (August 2006)- did not get first row and I really wanted her to.  It worked – Amma-kuts had the best Darsan of her life Friday morning with her getting front row and Swami making direct eye contact and smiling.  Amazing, I got her on video after the Darsan she was floating.

Meanwhile me and Kasey have our Darsan experience down.  In the morning Swami comes out at about 9.  We get to VIP line at 7:30 get our seats – they gave us first row (Kasey right behind me) and we put our pillows down and then go get tiffin (tiffin is an indian word meaning “vallina” milk shake :-).

Unfortunately Swami did not come on the Men’s side so we heard glorious bhajans.  After morning Darsan we could not find Amma-Kuts.  She strolled in 30 minutes later –  she had lost her shoes !?  Worse yet she had a token – number 9 where she “checked” her shoes.  I told her “Amma I have been to Parthi 50 times – they will never check in shoes, only bags, cellphones, scarves etc that someone brought by mistake…” – she promised me she checked them in then could not find the check in counter … Don’t worry Amma i have more shoes …

Afternoon darsan –  I told Amma to get her chit ready – Kasey yelled at me don’t say the S word to Grandma. No Kasey Chit not Shit.  Too funny !

Afternoon Darsan – again Amma got First row (those of you that know the womens side know this is incredible) right on Swami’s main path from his residence !  Again after Darsan she could not find her shoes !!

I cannot make this stuff up ! I have two precious  kids with me and its my job to take care of them both and make sure they have nothing to worry about-  Don’t worry Amma I have more shoes.

At night we had a SPECIAL treat – My good friend Kannaih works at the hospital and is a local boy so he knows everyone.  He took us to see Swami’s new baby elephant Sathya-Gita, after everything was closed, not just to see but to play with and tickle and feed and kiss.  AMAZING VIDEO I have of Amma-kuts and Kasey playing with this divine creature.

It is incomprehesible the maturity and understanding of Indian culture that Kasey has picked up.  Whether it comes to Darsan manners, meeting and greeting a holy person, or just interacting on the street.  He took coconut prasadam from the Ganesha temple, took it to my friend Sheriff at Sai towers, asked him to cut it up and is feeding it to the poor !! OMG.  I mean OMFG !!

Kasey and Amma have redefined my Satsang.  Kasey who knows the Hanuman story verbatim after watching a movie about it 100 times asked an interesting question which spawned a 45 minute discussion (some I caught on video) which was priceless.

“Who is stronger Hanuman or Krishna ?”  and you can’t say same.  WOW what a lively discsussion.  It ended up with Hanuman being stronger but Krishna being “smarter”.  Remember it all has to make sense to a six year old 🙂

Kasey drew a great picture of Baba with a heart on it ands was upset he could not give it to Swami in the person… May have to cut Parthi short as I have a business meeting in Bangalore Saturday nite, we will see.

I told Kasey he was going to meet and get to know the three Baba’s on his trip to India – Gopal Baba, Sai Baba , and Shirdi Baba.  He has been wearing the necklace that Priya gave him with Sai Baba on one side and Shirdi Baba on the other … Smiles and Love



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  1. so beautiful! (i’m going to bed now to dream of this) a small suggestion…send bhav to darshan WITHOUT shoes…
    ha ha ha

    Comment by priya | August 9, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hey Kan:

    Arjun and Eisha are in London. I don’t think they are accessing their emails. I will let them know.

    So glad to hear you are having such a wonderful time. Isn’t India great? Conversations between Kasey and Grandma is too funny.

    Can’t wait to go to India again.
    Enjoy – take care
    Love to all

    Comment by Smitha Ayyar | August 13, 2008 | Reply

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