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Who do you love more ?

My day began (very early) by a piercing query….”Dad who do you love more, me or God ?  you can’t say same.”  How does a six year old child break things down to the bare root of all matters…After a thirty minute discussion of souls, and God inside, and God power – I finally decided I love my kids more because they make me realize how great God is.  By the way who do you love more Kasey ?  Ohhh good answer 🙂

The ayyar trio has darsan down to a science — we have great seats and can get there late but Baba is hard to track down !  They need some Plasma screens in Sai Kalwant Hall ! Kasey and I got an extra treat as after He went into the Bhajan room He came out the back door and was on the far right of the veranda right in front of us chatting away with a teacher.  Kasey was upset he couldn’t give his picture to him – but we are going to mail it to him.

India has a weird way of bringing out the negotiator in you no matter how small the amount. Kasey and I had lunch at the Sai towers, he ordered a veggie burger with mustard and wanted mayonnaise, they gave him a dollop of salad dressing and charged me 20 rupees  extra.  I had to let them know how wrong this was. After 10 minutes and explaining to the manager what the issues were and how to run his business i paid the extra 20 rupees (.50 cents). Way to go Uncle Kanna. Kasey didn’t eat the sandwich anyway.

Kasey got to meet Kannaih’s two lovely daughters 4 and 6, Sai Poojita and Sai Rajeshwari. (Beautiful pictures !!)  Oh how fun was this watching an American kid interact with two sweet telegu shy girls.  Kasey wrote their names with them spelling it, Sai Rajeswari is 3 months younger than Kasey and basically doing 2nd grade work, writing whole sentences in english and doing addition, subtraction, multiplication….how behind is the American K-12 education system ?  Kasey left them and said whew Dad she is smart and younger than me.

I caught up with my sister Jaishree Menon, who is still doing real estate in Parthi which is going up, up, up. I hope she gets it all back as she has been struggling for many years.

I gave Amma-kuts a mission to get Kasey’s addition table up thru 10 completely done and memorized, they have been working on it hours a day – Kasey has gotten so good – working on speed now, when they get in a fight it is sooo funny.


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