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Monday to me always means abisheikam when I am in Bangalore.  Something amazing about watching a devout soul go about his business worshipping his maker.  Kasey was down for the event, He sat way up front right in front of Gopal Baba and gave him padnamascar as he came in.  Swami was very giving with me and spent a good deal of time with me after Abisheikam.  Most importantly he set up our whole trip to Shirdi.

Shirdi is going to be a pilgrimmage– because of roads and monsoon season —it will be 5 hours from Bombay.  The head priest at the temple is a devotee of Gopal Baba.  He called him on my behalf.  He said “My son is coming you take good care” !

Then he called the hotel owner that loves him and is right behind the temple.  We will be staying there and get darsan from the inner sanctum Tuesday morning.  I was planning to leave Bhav behind since Kasey and I are flying out after that but this is a once in a lifetime experience for Amma-Kuts.  I am going to buy her a roundtrip ticket to Bombay and back so she can stay extra time with Satchu after the Shirdi Darsan.

Kasey continues to impress with his sweetness.  We were shopping for gifts for everyone. Kasey spent 30 minutes (at least ) chosing a ring for his mother.  He must have changed his mind 20 times.  Not only that he insisted on bringing the ring to Abisheikam to get it blessed by Gopal Baba. Too sweet.

Shirdi should be eventful, Swami said this is an important stop for me….


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  1. My dearest Kannan,
    Beautiful coverage of your stay in India. Our family Gothram is Srivatsa
    Gothram. On our wedding day in 1960, dearest Mom is Srivatsa Gothram.
    I am so proud of your giving vivid descriptions of Swami Gopal Baba,
    your powerful friends in Bangalore, Swami Sai Baba at Puttaparthi and
    many other matters.
    With Love,
    Dad, Seattle, USA August 11, 2008

    Comment by Subramonya Ayyar | August 13, 2008 | Reply

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