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Lakshmi Temple …

We came back from Puttaprthi to Bangalore. Kasey and I took a nice long swim at the pool of the Oberoi, our favorite spot and we have always had it to ourselves.  Kasey and I have started numbering Amma’s stories for ease of use.

I met with my dear friend Ravi, who has been my partner and brother for the last 10 years.  He has taught me more about India, the vedas, hinduism, and Indian culture as anyone on the planet. He also has a beautiful Lakshmi temple in Jayanagar that he has built and maintained for over 20 years. He is an aviation expert and has launched a huge deal servicing and maintaining all Airbus planes, he is also a Indian political king maker I got the update on the political landscape. We went for a private puja at the temple.

The temple is beautiful.  We had the priest do a private puja and homa for us.  When the priest is doing a homa for you he needs to know three things :  Your name, Your nakshatra (moon constellation), and your Gothram (family lineage).

You should all know all three of those things if you plan on going to temples in India. If you don’t   I  have it for you since I ran astrological charts on all of you. All of our lineage is that of our illustrious father – V-money – Sri Vatsa.

Amma-kuts tried to cheat and Ravi caught her.  Amma wants everyone to think she is Bharadwaj Gothram because her father was, and so was Adi Shankara by the way….On that fateful day when AK married V-money she became Sri Vatsa like all of us. You have to give the Gods the right address to deliver the blessings :-).

We went to Ravi’s house and met his kids – twin girls who are 16 (Aneeha and Aneela)  and his son who is 20 (Anurud).  They are all doing great in school, Kailee met the twin girls 10 years ago ! They have a thriving jewelry business, I bought some beautiful earrings from them that they designed and made ! Kasey got on great with them.

We did some shopping – man Bangalore has become a metropolis !  More later…


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