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Kasey is learning Indian customs at a rapid clip.  One such custom is always offering a gift or receiving a gift with your right hand NOT your left.  Well most of you know that Kasey is left handed….So he wants to get everything with his left hand.  Why can’t I ? — he wanted to know !  I told him this was part of the culture and just to do it whether he’s left handed or not . Grandma tried to help. She explained what most Indians do with their left hand (if you don’t know – you don’t want to) he got real serious and said “I don’t want to do that with my left hand”. Too much information too fast :-).

Most of you know that Bhav can be a little absent minded.  I am now more convinced than ever that she has angels following her everywhere, we had two escapades (so far).  The first was at Bangalore airport, we were waiting for our flight to Mumbai and were getting a smoothie, I told A-K to take her carry on and one other since I had three other carry-ons. I went ahead with Kasey and we boarded the plane, as we sat down and buckled in i asked A-K where her two bags were, she said she only had one and I was to take the others.  OOPS.  I had to deboard the plane and run to the coffee shop.  There it was sitting on the bench with A-K’s purse peeking out.  I grabbed it and made it back on the plane in time. Nothing missing.

The second time was at Shirdi where after we had beautiful darsan A-K was in the room with Kase and I and she said “Where is my purse?”  I knew she brought it with her to Darsan but had no idea where she left it.  I had bought her a picture of Shirdi Sai and thought she put that in her bag and that was where she must have lost it.  Just when we were getting bent and thinking what to do there was a knock on the door.  It was the hotel security guard she left her purse in the lobby of the hotel.  WOW –saved and nothing missing.  I told her to be careful and that we should be lucky that the only thing we lost was the Shirdi picture I bought her.  No sooner than I said that but the same Security guard knocked on the door and said Sir we found this in the Lobby bathroom is it yours ?   Such is life with Bhav.


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