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Pilgrimmage to Shirdi…

Our trip to Shirdi was right out of a movie, –unfortunately it was a hitchcock flick.  It was a dark “monsooning” night, our driver was darker still and had the reddest eyes you could imagine.  His white outfit belied the uncleanliness of his whole being. It was 9pm in Bombay.

“You have to get us to Shirdi in six hours” I told him confidantly as if I knew the road and distance to Shirdi.

“Impossible Sir, eight hours maximum, monsoon is here” he spit out in broken english.

“You mean minimum right ? Any way I have to be there by 3:15 am you have six hours maximum”

“No sir 8 hours maximum maybe 9 hours.”

“Okay forget it just do your best, by the way there is a BIG tip for you if I am there before 3:30 am”

He understood that real well and off we went. OMG it was dark and rainy, the roads were just space between pot holes, some of the potholes were bigger than our car, and the highbeams—oh the highbeams coming at you nonstop.  I started to feel sorry for our driver and worried for our lives.  Luckily I fell asleep, and so did Cunji and Amma-Kuts.  Only to be awoken 3 hours later as we stopped on the side of the road in a pitch black area.

“What happened ?” I asked

“Flat tire sir ”  Oh great I thought we were doomed.

“Do you have a spare ?”

“Yes Sir”

 “Do you need any help ?” I asked praying for his answer to be no. My prayers were answered.  Our driver was inspiring, removing all the luggage, getting out the spare, replacing it and loading everything back up in record time in the pouring rain on the side of  a scarily busy highway in the pitch black of a moonless night.  We then went on our way.

He got us to Shirdi at 3:15 am.  Imagine that.  Mr. Sharma told us to wash up and get ready immediately for Darsan.


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